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Dive into a Seafood Feast!


Perth you know we love to FEED! Meet our newest edition Seafood Boil! Immerse yourself in a feast fit for a seaside celebration as we bring you the freshest catches from the deep blue.


🦞 Seafood 🦞Enjoy local cray fish, blue swimmer crabs, tiger prawns, mussels, pipi & cockle clams


🌽 Don’t forget the Sides 🌽 Our seafood boil isn't complete without a medley of mouthwatering sides. Enjoy perfectly seasoned corn on the cob, buttery potatoes, and aromatic herbs and spices that infuse every dish with flavours.


🔥 Bold Flavors 🔥Our chefs work their magic to create authentic flavours that marry well with seafood. From zesty Cajun spice to classic garlic butter, there's a sauce for every palate. Choose your level of heat and prepare for a seafood coma!

Seafood Boil to Feed 2 people $115

Seafood Boil to Feed 3-4 people $215

Add 1.2kg Tomahawk Steak: $99

Available in Wanneroo Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 5pm - BOOKINGS ONLY

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